Client SolarWash
Services Web design and development, Logo design
Year 2023

SolarWash a solar panel cleaning and maintenance company. With the ever increasing demand for sustainable solutions for energy and how we acquire it, these solutions also need maintenance and care. This is where the idea was born for this whole company. The idea for this company was started by the brothers Martin and Simon Sundvik, incredibly
talented, driven and hardworking guys. I also want to mention that yours truly is a part-owner in this venture. Martin told me about the idea and I instantly replied “I’m in”.

I’ve created the tiny branding we have so far. We wanted a sort of playful 70’s style for the logo, to steer clear of ‘safe’ and ‘typical’ visuals for this kind of business, so here we see strong red and orange colours. We want more bold and confident choices in our design choices. For the website I created all the copywriting, design and development. So far only in English, but we are working on it.

You can view the site here: