Ärligt Talat / Luckan r.f.

Client Ärligt Talat / Luckan r.f.
Services Web design
Year 2023

The wonderful Louise and Helena from the Luckan project Ärligt Talat-chatten contacted me about getting more structure and readability for their Ärligt Talat-chat website. So that their visitors
would get the information as effectively as possible. A valid concern. The site offers anonymous help for Swedish speaking people in Finland between the ages of 13-29. I absolutely and wholeheartedly support this chat, it’s a great way for people to privately and anonymously share concerns and issues that might arise in their lives. And get help from people who genuinely care. The site already had a colour schemes and logo that I found very pleasing, so we boxed it in and tied it all together. A project done in record time, I actually built the new site behind the live site, and then published the new site during the night. So not to disturb or put a hold to the chat and their working hours. Felt like a small adventure with me hoping I encounter zero technical difficulties during the wee hours of the night. The client was pleased and so am I, a fun and important project.