About Nallebjörn

Nallebjörn functions with empathy-driven design, to understand the task at hand, you need to know your client and their needs to prosper in the digital field.

From developing a webshop in WordPress, to designing a visually striking logo, the principle is the same. Always think of the customer first. Nallebjörn is a one man studio that focuses on web development, graphic design and digital marketing. Whether you need new branding for you business or a wedding invitation designed, I am here to help.


I am obsessed with telling the truth. I always have an open discourse with both clients and friends, which I believe everyone gains from. Truth gains trust and deeper friendships. Which in turn allows us to be our very best.


If I one day think I know everything, I am doing something wrong, every day should be a learning experience. To never stop gaining knowledge and expand our consciousness. And every day we should be better than the last.


Sometimes it feels like we live in an unkind world, that a lot of times can feel overwhelming. I want to set an example of treating everyone I come across with kindness and respect. Everyone should be able to be truly themselves and let creativity blossom.


Never stop being curious about new things. To be better, one has to make mistakes, there is no progress without mistakes. I always try to try new things, to jump off the deep end once in a while, to be able to grow and acquire new skills.

Jan Lindholm

Graphic Designer & Web Developer/ Owner



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